Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: The Kroos clan tells the incredible behind the scenes of his signature!

Posted on October 24, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. by AD

After four seasons of loyal service to Bayern, Toni Kroos packed his bags and signed up for Real Madrid in the summer of 2014. Asked about the departure of his protégé from Munich, agent Volker Struth told all behind the scenes.

While it was the greatest happiness of Bayern, Toni Kroos was transferred to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014. Indeed, the club merengue was able to afford the services of the German international thanks to an offer up to 25M €. In an interview with Bild, Volker Struth explained how Toni Kroos was able to leave Bayern, when he was one of the centerpieces of Pep Guardiola. And according to the player's agent, the current midfielder of Real Madrid took off because the Bavarian management did not want to offer him the contract he deserved.

“” Call your agent! You'll never make 10 million here “”

“In September 2013, Bayern wanted to extend their contract, but Toni (Kroos) did not want to. They offered six million per season. Did they forget that I knew they were paying (Mario) Götze 10 million a year? So we asked for 10 million. (Pep) Guardiola wanted to keep him. “I need you here,” he told Toni Kroos. And I guess he said the same to (Karl-Heinz) Rummenigge. In November, I went to Munich and Rummenigge said to me: 'For the appreciation we have for Toni, we are offering 6.5 million a year'. And I said to him: “We do not accept less than 10M €”. After that, Uli Hoeness entered the scene. On February 2, 2014, after beating Eintracht 5-0, Hoeness walked into the locker room and shouted at Toni: “Call your agent! You will never make 10 million here”. To which Toni replied: “I don't need to call him, we have the same opinion”. Then it was already clear that Toni would not play for Bayern next season. We informed the best clubs in Europe that (Toni) Kroos was on the market. They didn't believe us at first. How could Bayern let him go? The perfect man for Guardiola's football, ”detailed Volker Struth, Toni Kroos' agent.

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