Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: This sensational outing of the Hazard clan on its future!

Posted on October 22, 2021 at 8:30 am by HG

While Eden Hazard still fails to win at Real Madrid, this situation could end up leading him to make the decision to leave.

Arrived in 2019 in the 'squad of Real Madrid , Eden Hazard is still struggling to win. Braked by too frequent injuries, the Belgium international also fails to show his best face when he is able to play, and this is starting to annoy a few observers who have lost confidence in him. So much so that the question of a departure has recently returned to the press with a return to Chelsea in the sights. And for his part, Jean-Michel Vandamme , the man who discovered it, believes that Eden Hazard could end up slamming the door of Real Madrid if it is not finally put in good shape.

“He will eventually leave Madrid”

“He has football. I'm sure he can still succeed at Real Madrid. The problem with Hazard is that he needs to feel like a leader, but I don't mean a locker room leader, but mostly a technical leader. He must think that it is important in the mechanics of the game, Eden must be given the key to the game. He needs it. Otherwise, he will end up leaving Madrid. It's not about forcing Ancelotti or another trainer to change the system for him. In Belgium Hazard continues to perform and he does it alongside another very important player like De Bruyne, they do not deprive each other of space, they complement each other. I don't know why this can't happen for him in Madrid, it shouldn't be a problem because there are his teammates, like Benzema, who are especially made to understand each other. They can bring a lot to each other, “he said in the columns of the Spanish daily AS on Friday.

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