Mercato | Mercato: The sale of ASSE is not for now!

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Posted on November 3, 2021 at 12:30 pm by Arthur Montagne

Although the process of selling ASSE was initiated several months ago by Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer, for the moment, nothing seems to be settled. Between the sporting situation of the club and the reluctance with regard to certain buyout projects, this issue is slipping and seems far from its outcome.

For several months now, the leaders of the AS Saint-Etienne have announced their intention to sell the club. However, for the moment, nothing is settled as Roland Romeyer recently showed his willingness to complete the sales process before the end of the year. “At one point or another we will end up getting there, it has to be. I would like this to be done before the end of the calendar year. If we find the right candidate, who meets our criteria, the change can normally only be beneficial for the club ”, confided the president of the Board of ASSE. Two months from the end of the year, it seems at present very unlikely that the deadlines will be met although two candidates have detached themselves in recent weeks, namely Olivier Markarian and especially < strong> Norodom Ravichak who has every intention of carrying out his project, as revealed to you recently.

The sporting situation blocks the sale

This Wednesday, BUT Football Club makes a large point on the sale of the ASSE and tries to explain the reasons that make it all seem complete. The first explanation comes from sports results. The Greens are indeed good last in Ligue 1 with only 6 points on the clock in 12 days, and still no victory. “When there is a fire in the house, it must be extinguished before thinking of selling it”, explains internally. The priority is now to maintain the club because otherwise, it will be necessary to sell at a discount if the situation does not improve, without ruling out the possibility that the candidates for redemption will withdraw from the race if the ASSE is relegated to Ligue 2.

The other explanation for the delay comes from the mistrust, even the reluctance of Bernard Caïazzo with regard to certain projects. For example, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of ASSE would not really believe in the project of Olivier Markarian , a local investor who relies on Luxembourg funds. That of the Prince of Cambodia also raises doubts internally. According to BUT Football Club, its means would be far from the announced 100M €, which raises the questions already put forward on the source of its funds. Bernard Caïazzo continues to dream of the possibility of attracting a billionaire to relaunch ASSE . It is with this in mind that he recently went to the United States without anything filtering. While waiting for this to settle, the Greens will try to save themselves in Ligue 1 . Prerequisite for attracting wealthy investors.

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