Minecraft Java Edition players complained about the new launcher – the game began to work incorrectly

Players are experiencing issues in Minecraft Java Edition, which is why many are unable to launch it. This happened after the Mojang studio released an updated launcher from which you can run the three main versions of Minecraft: Minecraft Java Edition, Minecraft for Windows and Minecraft Dungeons.

According to users, the inclusion of Minecraft Java Edition is accompanied by a number of different problems: in some cases, errors related to copying files appear, in others the game is registered as not purchased for an unknown reason. Some of the gamers who managed to launch Minecraft Java Edition wait for hours for the download to complete, and in some cases the title leads to the appearance of a “blue screen of death”.

Dozens of topics related to Minecraft Java Edition bugs have appeared on reddit. Many users have suggested that the problems are mod-related, and among the solutions they mention the return of the old launcher, which is still available on Windows 10.

Watch Video with instructions on how to return the old launcher

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