Neuroengineer taught the rats Carmack, Romero and Tom to play Doom II

Neuroengineer Victor Toth created virtual reality for rodents and trained three lab rats, named after shooter creators John Carmack, John Romero and Tom Hall, to traverse a corridor in Doom II. He designed a device to reward animals after doing the right thing.

The rats went through a custom level on the DOOM II engine: the author made it simple so that the experiment would not drag out. Several imps were placed in the corridor, which did not attack the players, but only blocked the way. To shoot at the enemy, the rat needed to rise a little. If the animal took the right step, it could feast on sweet water. After graduating from animal training, the author decided that it was necessary to act a little differently: in the future, he may suggest that animals shoot by pressing a button with their nose.

This is not the first experiment of Victor Toth. Previously, an engineer taught a hamster to trade cryptocurrency.


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