“Ovechkin doesn't know most of the names from this song. And that makes him beautiful. ” Comedy Club resident – about recording a video with a hockey player

The resident of the Comedy Club, musician Sergei Dragni, who recorded a humorous video together with the Russian forward of “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin, spoke about the joint work with the eminent hockey player.

It is clear that Ovechkin has a very stellar status. But on the set, he showed himself to be a simple and easy person. I even threw in some ideas. It was obvious that he was interested in it. A harsh and precise guy. He said and did. Came minute by minute and left like clockwork, completing the whole process.

The shooting went fast enough. Moreover, we recorded the song in the studio and at the same time filmed the video. I thought it would be hard and the work would take about six hours. But a talented person is talented in everything – Ovechkin quickly grasped everything, and we did it in a couple of hours. Although Alexander had no studio recording experience.

Much that you see in the video was suggested by Sasha himself. Everything went organically, not according to the script. But this is the funniest thing when there is improvisation. Ovechkin does not know most of the names mentioned in this song. And that makes him beautiful. Moreover, Sasha agreed to any image. At least introduce him to Morgenstern. He behaved like a real hockey player: give me a task and I will complete it. I went and made a hit with the words: “You understand humor and songs – create. Tell me what to do, ” Dragney said.

On October 20, Ovechkin played his 1200th NHL regular season game.

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