Ovechkin has upset 151 goalkeepers in his NHL career

Having surpassed Brett Hull in the sniper rating of all times a week ago, Alexander Ovechkin sharply reduced his scoring pace. For three matches in a row, he could not hit the opponents' goal. But Ovi's drought was over.

The Capitals take a long trip to the West Coast, taking turns playing with Californian teams. After an overtime defeat to Anaheim and a win over Los Angeles, it was San Jose's turn.

Washington calculated the game like a grandmaster in a match with a newcomer. The guests opened the scoring at the beginning of the match, then created a comfortable advantage and calmly brought the game to victory.

Ovechkin made a double: first, he scored in the majority in the middle of the first period, and then set the final score, hitting an empty net in the very end.

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As usual, after Ovi's goal, positions in various sniper ratings and nominations are updated. Let's count and we.

  • Now Ovechkin has 14 goals in the season. He shares 2-3 places with Calgary forward Andrew Manjapane. Leader – Leon Dreiseitl from Edmonton – 18
  • The number of goals in his career – 744. There are 22 goals left before the third Jagr
  • In terms of the number of goals in the majority, Ovechkin is getting closer to the record. He now has 272 such goals. Before the leader of all time, Dave Andreychuk, there are only two goals left in the majority
  • In terms of the number of matches with 2+ goals, Ovechkin will soon enter the top three. This match was the 152nd match in Ovi's career. Mario Lemieux 154, Brett Hull 158, Wayne Gretzky 189
  • In terms of the number of disappointed goalkeepers (yes, there is such a count), Ovechkin entered the top 10. Goalkeeper Aydin Hill became the 151st, in whose goal Alexander scored.


After all these feats, there was no doubt about who would get the title of the main star of the match.


But another creator of the victory was Washington's goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov, who saved all 22 shots.

Samsonov made a piece of bread two days ago in Anaheim, and now another one in San Jose.

The dry streak of the Russian goalkeeper is already 151 minutes and 27 seconds and continues …

Already on Monday night, Washington will play for the first time in Seattle, with newcomer Kraken. This game will be the final one on the long trip west.

NHL. Regular season

San Jose Sharks (San Jose) – Washington Capitals (Washington) – 0: 4 (0: 2, 0: 0, 0: 2)

Goals: Shiri, 2:17, 55:10. Ovechkin, 13:58 (big), 58:56.

  • Kuznetsov started the Olympic season abruptly. How much he is needed at the Games in Beijing!
  • “I just don’t recognize Prokhorkin. Non-standard solutions and creativity are not enough “- Weisfeld
  • “Now we just have fun on the ice and enjoy the game” – Alexander Ovechkin

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