“Ovechkin is the only player of his kind, such people appear once in a generation” – Bondra

Former Washington Capitals player Peter Bondra spoke about the current form of team captain Alexander Ovechkin.

– I watch more and more and I think that the key point for him is that he likes to play. He likes to score. I like it when his partners score goals. He can score in different ways. Before, everyone, including the 18,000 spectators in the stands, knew where he would score from. Now he scores various goals, adapts, and this helps him. I consider Alex to be the only player of his kind, they appear once in a generation. The NHL is over a hundred years old. In my time, maybe a couple of people had a shot that could be compared to how he throws the puck, but I still think that Alex's shot is unique. This helps him in pursuit of the Gretzky record.

Whether Ovechkin can beat Gretzky's record – we'll see. I hope he succeeds, and if not, the very fact that he had a chance to beat him, and he entered the top three NHL snipers, is admirable, – said Bondra

Ovechkin is the fourth best sniper in NHL history with 750 goals. The record holder is Wayne Gretzky – 894.

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