Paladin found a way not to die underwater in World of Warcraft

Blogger Rextroy found out that there is a way in World of Warcraft not to die underwater from the effect of fatigue. His paladin was able to explore the depths of the ocean, healing passive incoming damage with Angel Chop.

Rextroy found that if you reduce the amount of health to 2 thousand units, then the healing effect of “Angelic Chop” will be enough to survive outside the play area. Usually, a player who swims far into the ocean dies quickly, as he takes damage as a percentage of health. To reduce the number of HP units, the blogger received the “Weakness after resurrection” effect, and also removed all equipment. Having eaten Angel Chop, which has the effect of restoring 1,000 health points every five seconds outside of combat, he stayed in the fatigue zone for ten minutes and was still able to travel on horseback.

Rextroy often finds bugs and features in World of Warcraft. Previously, the player destroyed the Horde with the help of 300 aggressive NPCs.


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