Proportional Sports Betting Strategy Review, Description, Effectiveness, Use Cases

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Some financial betting strategies, including one of the most common – flat bets, have an important drawback. Each trade has a different level of risk, but the amount of bets is the same.

It turns out that in some cases we risk less, and in others – more. Obviously, the risk when placing a bet on the quotes 1.15 and 3.55 is incomparable. This means that the amount of bets must be different.

“Measure the proportions correctly. Better to be a young May beetle than an old bird of paradise. “


  1. System rules
  2. Example
  3. Summary

System rules

The essence of the proportional strategy is to determine the size of the bet, depending on the risks, that is, on the value of the coefficients of the selected outcome. The higher the market value, the higher the rate. Conversely, the lower the odds, the higher the amount.

The technique assumes playing on any quotes. You just need to establish what percentage of the pot will be bet on equally probable markets (with the same odds of winning for each side, for example, odds of 1.95 on odd and even total in basketball).

The optimal value is 1-2% of the balance.

Formulas for determining the amount of the bet:

  • 1 / K * 2 (for bets on 1% of the bankroll at 2 odds);
  • 1 / K * 4 (for a 2% bet of the deposit with a 2 odds).

K is the coefficient.


Let's choose the first formula. We have 4 markets with quotes 1.15, 1.75, 2.7 and 3.9.

Let's calculate the size of each bet:

  • 1 / 1.15 * 2 = 1.74%;
  • 1 / 1.75 * 2 = 1.14%;
  • 1 / 2.70 * 2 = 0.74%;
  • 1 / 3.90 * 2 = 0.51%.

Bets are placed on exactly such amounts (as a percentage of the entire bankroll). The success of each transaction will bring 2% of the deposit.

The calculation according to the second formula (for a bet of 2% with odds of 2) is exactly the same.

For example, 1 / 2.7 * 4 = 1.48%.


When changing the balance, regularly adjust the size of the bet. Let's say after 100 predictions or a certain period of the game (week, 10 days, month, quarter).

The proportional method determines the amount of the deal, depending on the degree of risk (the probability of winning, which is determined by the value of the coefficient). Playing according to the first formula (1%) is less aggressive and safer – the bankroll can withstand a longer losing streak. The rates according to the second formula (2%) are a little more risky, but the potential profit is higher.

The strategy is suitable for those who mainly bet on different odds – both 1.5 and 2.5+. The system easily adapts to almost any style and game strategy. If you are interested in it, you can test it and share your experience in the comments.

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