Racer with Cybersport.ru livery wins the tenth stage of Forza Motorsport 2021

Danil AgateCircle799 Davletshin from Kazan became the winner of the tenth stage of the Forza Motorsport 2021 Championship. The second place was taken by Sergey kvartus Savenkov, who performed in a car with the Cybersport.ru livery. Petr Larionov P Larionov closed the top three.

The race took place at the Circuit de Prague. All e-sportsmen competed in BMW M2 Coupe cars. The guests of the stage were the simrace blogger Kus-Kus Racing and Alexander Alekseev, a representative of the Adult Fan of LEGO.

For the Forza Motorsport 2021 Championship, the tenth stage was the final one. The Superfinal will be held on December 12 at the Yota Arena, where the winners of the previous stages will meet, who will compete for a prize fund of one million rubles.

Source: Forza Motorsport 2021 Source: Forza Motorsport 2021

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