Should You Use Gustavo Donji's Strategy Tips When Betting On Football?

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Gustavo Donji, according to open sources on the network, is an Italian football expert. As expected, his specialization is Serie A, but the specialist does not lose sight of other TOP European championships.

Dongji created a betting strategy, or rather a list of tips based on the trends and patterns of the strongest national football championships: England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Gustavo suggests betting against a draw in various situations.


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Rule # 1

In the TOP football leagues, a series of draws from 4 matches in a row are rare. There is a high probability that the streak will end after 3 world outcomes.

Even when the trend continues, catch-up can be applied, increasing the bet amount to obtain a win, taking into account the overlap of past losses.

[stextbox id = 'info'] Opinion: Dogon is a progressive financial strategy with a high level of risk. You can get on a bad streak and suffer significant losses. There may not be enough funds for the next bet, and even after several failures, it is psychologically difficult to bet even more [/ stextbox]

In theory, everything looks beautiful, but in practice, it is very difficult to achieve long-term success. If you are a beginner and are not sure about your psychological resistance to losses, use a fixed bet amount.

A quick study of the results confirmed that a series of four draws are few, but they are. The advice should not be considered a guide to action and after three worlds to load on the “victory of any team.”

Bookmaker analysts are sure to take into account trends, which affects the odds. When it seems that the drawn streak will definitely be interrupted, the quotation for the outcome “12” will turn out to be low.

For example, Levante finished 5 rounds in a row in the Spanish Championship with a score of 1: 1. After that, the team beat Getafe.

The odds against the draw were only 1.3. Such bets are unlikely to be profitable, because 3-4 successful predictions are required in order to simply cover the losses. More details about this – here.

Rule # 2

The longer the series of draws in personal meetings, the sooner it ends.

If we study the results of 30-50 head-to-head matches, in which there was a draw three times in a row, then only in the next 2-5 fights the pattern continued.

[stextbox id = 'info'] Opinion: making a bet based only on whether there has been a draw in a certain number of recent matches is pointless. If you flip a coin and it comes up heads 7 times in a row, it does not increase the chances that the eighth flip will be tails. The probability is still 50% on each side of the coin [/ stextbox]

In one season, the line-ups and style of teams can change significantly. Past results rarely have a meaningful impact on an upcoming event. It is more expedient to take into account the current form, standings, motivation, personnel, latest news, etc.

Rule # 3

When playing in lower division fights, a different strategy and behavior should be used. It is necessary to take into account not only the duration of the series of draws, but also the odds of the bookmakers.

There is less information about the lower leagues, so you have to rely mainly on the game form, statistics, the latest results and, in fact, the bookmaker's quotes. If the odds for one of the clubs have dropped sharply, then you need to flirt with the success of your opponent.

Alternatively, you can combine several outcomes “12” (against a draw in the market with a double chance) into express bets.

[stextbox id = 'info'] Opinion: You can find out more about the downloads here. In some cases, a sharp and noticeable change in the odds for a certain outcome really allows you to place a profitable bet. But again, trusting only this fact, leaving out the rest, is stupid [/ stextbox]

As for combining outcomes with small quotes into express bets, such a move is permissible if you make up double-triplets. Remember that not only the odds are multiplied, but also the margin, and the risks also increase.

Rule # 4

If you find a drawn streak that should come to an end soon, play live. For example, if in the middle of the second half the score is not opened, play the outcome “12” or the goal scored (total is more than 0.5).

[stextbox id = 'info'] Opinion: when you watch a match and see that a goal is really brewing, betting is allowed, but with an acceptable odds (you definitely shouldn't risk playing values less than 1.5) [/ stextbox]

An additional plus in favor of the bet is the pre-match analysis of the event (or at least a quick analysis of the teams' form, taking into account statistics, motivation, personnel situation and other main factors). The main thing is not to rely solely on one criterion.


Gustavo Donji recommends allocating no more than 5% of the deposit for a transaction, but other financial strategies are also suitable. The most optimal and simple one is flat.

Tips sound good, but the problem is that they are general. In one case, the recommendation will be justified, and in the other, it will only harm. Therefore, keep your head on your shoulders and consider all decisions. Don't pass the responsibility on to others.

The key to success in betting is a thorough analysis, usually pre-match, discipline and game bank management. Moreover, the complex is important, not individual elements.

If you have your opinion on the tips listed, share it in the comments.

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