Smells of “Faith”, “Illusion” and “Expansion” – Warhammer 40,000 Authors Launched a Line of Scented Candles

Merchoid has partnered with Games Workshop to unveil a collection of scented candles dedicated to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The product page has appeared on the manufacturer's official website.

In total, the line includes five types of candles with unique scents such as the aroma of “illusion”, “faith”, “expansion”, “world of death” and “Great Devourer” – this is exactly what is indicated in the product description on the site. The average burning time of each candle is about 22 hours. Fans can pre-order for $ 20 apiece, with the manufacturer guaranteeing a discount on purchases of three or more candles.

Earlier, the developers of World of Tanks presented their own line of perfume. The collection includes such aromas as “Evening Khimki”, “Fugas”, “Capture the base” and others.

Slaanesh Soporific Musk with the scent of illusion. Source: merchoid.comSpace Marines Dark Angels with the scent of faith. Source: merchoid.comAstra Militarum Catachan Potpourri with the scent of the world of death. Source: merchoid.comT & # 039; au Ethereal Pheromones with the scent of expansion. Source: merchoid.comTyranids Toxicrene Spores with the scent of the Great Devourer. Source: 1/5 Slaanesh Soporific Musk with the scent of illusion. Source:

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