Street Fighter V's final fighter introduced

Capcom Studio presented Luke – the last fighter of Street Fighter V. The developers made a presentation, which demonstrated the character's features, and also shared plans for the future. You can watch the recording of the event on YouTube.

From character description From the character description:

“Luke's main trick is attacks that propel him forward and help put pressure on the enemy. All three regular punches allow him to close the distance aggressively. Luke also has two combos with which you can beat your opponent properly. Special moves help Luke to safely approach the opponent and give the opportunity to attack. The Sand Blaster move lets you unleash a blast of energy that hits at medium to long range. The Rising Rocket allows Luke to jump up and hit the airborne enemy. “

Capcom will no longer be adding characters to Street Fighter V and will no longer host digital events in the game. The studio will release a balance patch in March 2022. In addition, next year the developers will share information about the future of the franchise.


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