The continuation of the series “Behind Enemy Lines” has been announced

Best Way Studio and 1C Entertainment Publishing House presented the real-time strategy Men of War II – the continuation of the Behind Enemy Lines series. The announcement trailer was released as part of the Golden Joystick Awards.

From the description in the store From the description in the store:

“Discover new strategic facets of World War II! In Men of War II (the continuation of the famous series “Behind Enemy Lines”) you will find many new types of troops to solve various tasks, the utmost historical accuracy, graphics and sound of a completely new level, as well as exciting and dynamic gameplay in the best traditions of the series. Fight in real time on the Western and Eastern Fronts, gain experience in epic story campaigns and skirmish modes, and then dive into the thick of exciting online battles. “

The release of Men of War II is scheduled for 2022. The game will be released on PC via the Steam store. The developers promise two story campaigns that can be played alone or in co-op. The strategy will also receive multiplayer and mod support.


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