The gamer spent four months to pump the character to the maximum level in Genshin Impact without donation

A Genshin Impact fan with the nickname SortaDecent was able to reach the maximum character level without spending real money in four months of playing. The gamer shared his experience in a thread on reddit.

For the storyline, SortaDecent chose the character Amber, who is one of the worst heroes in Genshin Impact according to the community. During the game, he used Amber as the main character, but switched to other heroes due to the conditions of visiting certain locations. During this time, SortaDecent also reached adventure rank 50. In his playthrough, the player used the Rust weapon and pumping through physical damage with the Pale Flame and Berserker artifacts. The gamer noted that he chose this build in part due to the need to fight the boss Pyro Regisvine, which is immune to basic attacks from Amber.

SortaDecent also said that he might try to repeat the walkthrough with a different initial condition. The gamer plans to use characters that can only use one of five types of weapons. The player noted that in this way he will have to show ingenuity in battle, but he will not be limited in access to some locations in the world.

Source: reddit Source: reddit

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