The strategy of betting on big odds in live – a win and a double chance of an outsider

Sports betting strategies

Many bettors, in pursuit of high odds, make long express bets of 5-8 or more events, and each of them has a considerable odds. In fact, it is extremely difficult to win such a “locomotive”, you can make x for years but never win. We also offer a betting strategy for very high odds – from 10 and higher (up to 50), by betting on single bets in live.

We warn you right away, the strategy is extremely risky, and not all the factors that make up it can be analyzed. It is recommended to bet on it only the minimum amount.


  1. In which sports to search for matches?
  2. How does the chase for huge odds take place?
  3. Examples of bets by strategy
  4. Example # 1. Real – Sheriff (2021)
  5. Example # 2. Bayern Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt (2021)
  6. Example No. 3. Eupen – Genk (2021)
  7. Conclusion

In which sports to search for matches?

We offer 3 kinds of sports: football, hockey and tennis. You can take others, but we will tell you exactly about these popular types. The bottom line is that it is not easy to find suitable matches that have the potential for high odds. In these sports, a large number of matches are often played at one time and there is plenty to choose from, there is where to find a couple of matches where a big sensation can potentially happen. In football, many matches are played at the same time on the weekend, in hockey – almost all championships are played from September to May, in tennis there are many matches during the major tournaments of the ATP and WTA series.

How does the chase for huge odds take place?

So, we are interested in high odds from 10 (maybe a little less, 6-9) and up to 50, how much the bookmaker gives, but without fanaticism.

In live, such high odds give a three-hit and a double chance. We select matches in which the favorite has problems in the match with an outsider. It is important that the following conditions are met:

  • The favorite should preferably not be in the best shape, or, conversely, defeat everyone in a row, but a defeat is about to happen;
  • The outsider must be fighting (not a weak-willed hopeless underdog who churns out devastating defeats one after another). On the contrary, the team should at least score and occasionally surprise;

  • In the course of the match, the favorite should have problems – draws or only minimally beats the outsider;
  • Be sure to watch the statistics of the match (at least a flashscore is enough), ideally we also watch the video broadcast. The outsider must show signs of life in the game (kick, shoot at the goal, snap back, create at least the minimum number of threats at the goal of the favorite). At the same time, the favorite should have problems with the implementation of chances in the game;
  • The optimal time for making a bet is from 65 to 80 minutes. At this time, the odds are minimal for the intermediate result that is currently in the game (for example, if the score is 1: 0 in favor of the favorite on P1, the odds will be no more than 1.07 in the 70th minute). But the odds for a sensational change in the account will already be very high – on P2, X2, positive handicap, individual underdog total.

We find a match in which everything goes plus or minus according to the scenario described above (the favorite is not all right, the outsider resists, the match comes to the finish line) and bet on the losing side. We choose a bet depending on the level of riskiness. It is the least risky to put the underdog on a positive handicap – the odds will be about 2.

Then you can take X2 – about 7 will be given for such an outcome for our conditional match from the previous paragraph.

But the most “fat” is expected in the P2 market – there the odds will be exactly above 10, or even more than 35 – depending on how cool the favorite is and how weak the outsider is. We choose a bet and make a bet. The risk in money is minimal – you can bet about 50 rubles or even less. If the bet loses, we look for the next suitable match and again bet in the middle of the second half on a sensational reversal from an outsider (or a badly losing favorite) with the same minimum amount of about 50 rubles. We bet flat (the same amount for all bets), no catching up.

Examples of bets by strategy

The essence of this strategy is that on weekends live you can find dozens of matches suitable for betting, of which 1-2 will definitely play. If we take odds over 10, then it is enough to win only 1 out of 10 bets with flat bets to get a plus. The task is real. So, examples.

Example # 1. Real – Sheriff (2021)

In the match of the second round of the group stage of the Champions League 2021/22, Real Madrid hosted the Moldovan Sheriff. Madrid could not win in any way, only in the 65th minute they leveled the score. With a 1: 1 draw, 10 minutes before the end of the game, the odds of 23 were given to the Sheriff's victory, about the same was before the start of the match on P2 in the line – 21.

As a result, the Moldovans won sensationally, scoring in the 90th minute. Earlier, in the 72nd minute, the Sheriff scored a goal, which was canceled due to an offside position (it was the bell that P2 should be checked in this game).

Example # 2. Bayern Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt (2021)

In the match of the 7th round of the German Bundesliga 2021/22, Bayern Munich hosted Eintracht Frankfurt. Bookmakers gave 1.1 to win the Munich match, before playing in the championship they had not yet lost (a long series of matches without defeat). Eintracht in the championship for this game lost only once, all 6 other meetings were reduced to draws. The team was very unlucky, they could not win in any way, once they should have been lucky.

In the match, Bayern opened the scoring, but the opponent was able to quickly recoup. With the score 1: 1 in the second half, Bayern pressed very hard, but could not score – Lewandowski was unlucky, the goalkeeper of Eintracht Frankfurt was enchanting. In the middle of the second half, Eintracht Frankfurt won with a score of 1: 1, and the odds were 14.

Example No. 3. Eupen – Genk (2021)

Also in the 2021/22 season in Belgium, Eupen hosted Genk. The teams before the game were located in the neighborhood in the table, plus Eupen played at home, i.e. the hosts could well have won this game. But in the course of the game, Genk led 2: 1, and a little earlier in the second half Eupen was still in the minority. It would seem that it doesn't even smell like a comeback here. But this is not entirely true: Eupen attacked well and created chances even in the minority, besides, he played at home. With the score 1: 2 not in favor of Eupen in the middle of the second half, the bookmakers gave a stunning odds of 38. And a sensation broke out in the match – Eupen equalized the score at 86-1 and snatched the victory in the 93rd minute. The bet is won.

In addition, in recent matches, Benfica lost 0: 1 to Portimonense (odds on W2 were 15), Ajax lost 0: 1 to Utrecht (10.5 on W2).


High and very high odds of more than 10 periodically slip in the line, and in live you can even snatch interesting odds for 20 or more. Such sensations slip through when the favorite is out of shape, or the game has not worked out, or the team hasn’t lost for a long time, meets with an uncomfortable opponent, plays against the background of fatigue. The outsider, in turn, must be capable of surprises, from time to time he can sting the favorite. Bets on this strategy can give excellent ROI, it all depends on how high the passage of the selected matches will be. The main thing is to bet flat, not to use catch-up, because high odds on a long distance have a pass of no more than 10%. You can lose the entire pot by playing by doubling the bet amount. Winning at least 1 forecast for odds above 10 turns out to be a plus.

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