WELOVEGAMES streamer named seven favorite games

Russian streamer Denis WELOVEGAMES Korobkov spoke about his seven favorite games. This Korobkov shared in a video published on the channel “Game World Navigator” on YouTube.

WELOVEGAMES noted that his favorite game is Fallout 2, the disc with which he once acquired only because of the description he liked on the box. Korobkov also shared that he considers Subnautica the best game of 2018, and even though it was in Early Access, the streamer played it four times.

On August 24, WELOVEGAMES entered the top 15 streamers in the world in terms of the number of active subscribers. He also topped a similar list on Russian-speaking Twitch after a 15-day marathon, during which he continuously streamed. During this time, he gained 25 thousand new subscribers.

Favorite WELOVEGAMES games:

1. Crusader: No Regret, Crusader: No Remorse;
2. Full Throttle;
3. The Neverhood;
4. Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade;
5. Fallout 2;
6. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy;
7. Subnautica.


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