Combined express sports betting strategy: description, verification, efficiency

Combined Express Sports Betting Strategy: Description, Verification, Effectiveness Sports betting strategies

Combined express is intended only for players who know how to identify profitable odds (values) and play a plus for a long period. The strategy increases profits and reduces the time spent analyzing events and making predictions.

Experienced bettors who have been betting for many years are likely to have a positive ROI. However, the more matches are analyzed per day, the lower the profit. Parsing one event allows you to devote more time to it and focus only on it. If we analyze 5-10 fights, then the average ROI will decrease. The reason is simple – the brain gets tired from processing a huge amount of data, some nuances are missed and more mistakes are made.

The meaning of the strategy

Several players join forces. They should regularly make a profit at the bookmaker's office. However, if they just wager on each other's predictions, they will come to the average. The essence of the strategy is a little different.

Multiplier bets are less preferable than single bets, since not only odds are multiplied, but also the margin. If, for example, the margin for one outcome is 4%, then for three options in the express bet – 12%. It's another matter if you add value markets to the coupon.

Since the bettor has a positive ROI, then when the tee is drawn up, it will increase. Let's assume that the average ROI of each of the forecasters is 4%. A three-event express will give 12%. Players save time and effort by analyzing only one match per day, thus generating a higher income (at least in theory).


The combined express certainly has the right to life, since the effectiveness of the technique depends on how well each of the players did their job. And strategies whose success lies in competent analysis and high-quality forecasting should always be brought to the fore.

An obvious and, perhaps, the main drawback of the system is the difficulty in finding profitable players who would agree to such cooperation. And even if they do not mind joining forces, there is a problem of trust. Few of the pros are ready to bet on someone else's advice.

It is necessary to stipulate in advance who will analyze which match. You need to make a bet at the same time so that everyone has the same odds as possible.

The bottom line is that the strategy is promising, suitable for experienced forecasters who want to increase earnings and reduce time to work.

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