Live betting on the correct score in football, strategy, tips and odds

Live betting on the correct score in football, strategy, tips and odds Sports betting strategies

In the mass of various strategies, one betting method stands out, which can be classified as quite risky, but at the same time it makes it possible for several bets to get a move at the level of several amounts of the initial bet. This is a strategy for betting on the exact score of matches in live. We will tell you what it is, how and on what to bet, when to place a bet, which matches and sports are best suited.

The average size of an adequate coefficient for an accurate score in live around the middle of a match is about 4-12.

If you take the express from only two matches, you can get a total odds of 16-49. If we take slightly less probable outcomes, then the size of the coefficient can even exceed 80. Very impressive. But don't get carried away, remember that caution comes first.


  1. What sports are right for strategy?
  2. How to guess the correct live score?
  3. The essence of the strategy
  4. Pros and cons of the strategy
  5. Conclusion

What sports are right for strategy?

Of course, we will bet in football. In this sport, there is often a large selection of live events, and it is quite possible to guess the exact score, unlike hockey, especially in live, when it is approximately clear how many goals each team can score, and they are together as a whole.

How to guess the correct live score?

In fact, this is not very difficult to do. It is only necessary to select the lower leagues, in which they very often play 0: 0 or 1: 0. We wait in live for some time (20-50 minutes from the start of the meeting), ask the price for the matches, make sure that there may be no goals (sticky football, minimum shots on goal, corners, not too high pace of the game).

We conclude an express for the exact account in live.

The essence of the strategy

Let's describe step by step what and how to do in order to have the maximum chances of success with this strategy:

We select matches for bets in advance, because not every day there are suitable games for betting in live with a predicted final score of the match. The largest number of football matches is traditionally observed from Tuesday to Sunday (peak on weekend evenings). There is very little football on Monday, this is not the best day for betting;

This strategy does not involve a large number of bets. We select championships and matches point by point, bet no more than 1-2 express bets per day;

Lower leagues are best suited for betting using this method (the scatter of the final scores is the least). The list of grassroots leagues includes the following: RPL, championships of Algeria, Iran, Belarus.

In these leagues, we find matches in which no more than 1-2 goals will potentially be scored. To do this, we analyze face-to-face meetings and the latest results of teams, lineups and tournament tasks. Best suited for betting are mid-level meetings – teams that do not solve big tournament problems. Matches of obvious leaders and outsiders are bypassed, confrontation of great tournament significance (decisive games of the championship, European Cups, Cups of countries – as well). Also an important condition: the meeting teams must be grassroots (no more than 2-2.4 average total matches for the season).

We will definitely find broadcasts of matches that will be suitable for betting in all respects. As a last resort, we find a detailed match-tracker, in which the statistics of the match will be covered in detail and promptly: possession of the ball, shots on goal and on target, corners, penalties, dangerous moments, etc.

On the day of matches, we monitor the games in live. You need to have at least 5-10 matches that started at the same time. We find games in which the score is minimal: 0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1. We make a bet after about 55 minutes of the meeting (before our eyes the picture of the first half, as well as the mood of the teams in the second 45-minute). However, you can bet earlier (after the 35th minute, during the half-time break), if it is clear that the teams will not score much in the match.

[stextbox id = 'info'] It is very important that in the matches we will bet on, there is a minimum of activity: no more than 2-6 shots on target for two, no more than 8-15 shots on goal for two, no more than 3 -7 corners for two. Those. a match of two equal opponents who are not strong in creating scoring chances, fight with each other mainly in the center of the field [/ stextbox]

When we find suitable matches, we bet on the exact score in them (when the score is 0: 0 – on 0: 0, when the score is 1: 1 – on 1: 1, etc.). If the bookmaker does not allow betting on the exact score, we bet on the TM of the match, it will be the same as betting that the score in the match will not change.

We make an express to the exact score between the start of the match and about 55-60 minutes (preferably not later). If you bet later, the odds on the exact score will be much less attractive, respectively, the total express will also be modest. The optimal time for a bet is 40-55 minutes. During this time, you can see if the meeting is suitable for closing the deal.

It should be remembered that both matches must be added to the accumulator as soon as possible, because over time, the odds for the exact score will fall, and the total odds of the multiplayer will suffer even more.

We take strictly 2 matches to the express. It is incredibly difficult to guess three exact match scores live, you don't need to make such dubious and overly risky predictions.

After the deal is concluded, we continue to monitor the matches. If the score in both matches does not change by the 85th minute, safety bets can be made – singles on TB in both matches. We bet the same amount as on the express bet for singles of matches with odds of more than 3. If the score does not change, we will get a big win, if a goal is scored somewhere, we will go to zero.

Pros and cons of the strategy

Let's tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy.


  • Very high odds (you can easily get an express odds around 15-30);
  • There is no need to risk a large amount for a bet. Just 50-100 rubles is enough for a bet, and the winnings will be 750-3000 rubles even with such a minimum amount;
  • Betting on the exact score in live significantly increases the chances of success compared to betting on TS (correct score) before the match;
  • Just one win using this strategy will cover at least 10-20 losses.


  • It is necessary to make a careful selection of matches for bets;
  • Not every day there are even 1-2 matches for betting on this strategy;
  • The percentage of express bets on the exact account with odds of 20-40 is not high – no more than 5-10%. Therefore, for a plus on the distance, you need to control the amount of bets and odds. The amounts should be low, the odds should preferably not be less than 20.


The strategy allows you to win at least 20-30 times more than it was placed with one successful bet. You just need to find a match of equal and grassroots teams, in which big problems are not solved, and the motivation does not go off scale. We recommend betting on the RPL (Rubin, Ufa), the Belarusian championship (Vitebsk, Neman, Dynamo Minsk), the championship of Iran, Algeria. In these leagues, the average total matches of the lower-level teams does not exceed even 2-2.2.

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