Deferred Winning: A Method Of Bank Management In Sports Betting

Sports betting strategies

For a profitable game at a distance, it is not enough to choose an effective betting strategy. It is important to be able to competently manage capital. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of financial systems, but only a few are of significant value. Find out what type of methodology discussed in the review belongs to.

Deferred winning is an aggressive strategy that allows you to quickly increase your deposit, but in case of failure, the amount of funds on the balance will decrease significantly.

The basis of the game according to the technique is the prevention of long series of losses.


  1. rules
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Use coefficients of at least two.

The size of the first transaction is 2% of the deposit.

Half of the profit from each step is postponed, and the rest of the funds are put on the next outcome (added to 2% of the bankroll).

In case of loss, return to the initial step (bet 2% of the balance).


Let's assume that the account has 1000 rubles.

The first deal will be 2%, that is, 20 rubles.

# 1 – the bet is 20 rubles for odds 2.

If successful, 50% of the profit is postponed (10 rubles). The second part (10 rubles) is added to the next step (2% –20 rubles). Total – 30 rubles.

No. 2 – a bet of 30 rubles with a coefficient of 2.

Victory – 30 * 2.00 = 60. Net profit – 30 rubles (60-30). You need to postpone half of the income – this is 15 rubles. Remains 15 rubles and 30 rubles from the last stage. The sums add up (30 + 15) and are used on the third bet.

# 3 – a deal for 45 rubles, odds of 2.00.

The payout is 90 rubles, the profit is 45 (we postpone 22.5, and add 22.5 to the available amount (22.5 + 45)).

No. 4 – the bet is 67.5 rubles. I think the essence of the system is clear.

In case of loss at any stage, we roll back to the start – 2% (20 rubles).


Obviously, delayed winnings are for successful streaks. After just two visits, you will receive 5% of the deposit, and if the third step is unsuccessful, you will remain in positive territory (0.5%).

The longer the series of correct predictions, the more earnings. In the worst case, you will lose 2% of your bankroll when you lose the first bet, or 1% in the second step. This is if we consider one cycle. When there are more non-completed options, 1-2% are summed up and a serious loss is already obtained.

The delayed winning strategy is alarming, because with a lose streak, the losses will be significant. Moreover, bets are placed on quotes of at least 2 – it is easy to give out 5-10 minuses in a row.

If you wish, you can test the methodology, just allocate a small budget for this. But personally, I don't see much sense in the system. When most of the forecasts come in, the profit will be in the classic flat as well, but there are fewer risks.

Therefore, even if the delayed gain will give some advantage in the form of additional earnings, it is quickly leveled out by the increased risk and a series of failures.

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