Edmonton beat Vegas, Hyman and Dreiseitl got doubles

Edmonton beat Vegas on the road in the NHL regular season.

Zach Haimen and Leon Dreiseitl scored two goals for the winners.

As part of the Golden Knights, Evgeny Dadonov went out on the ice, who was unable to score with effective actions in 16 minutes of playing time.

Edmonton leads the Western Conference, Vegas comes 14th.

NHL. Regular season

Vegas Golden Knights (Paradise) – Edmonton Oilers (Edmonton) – 3: 5 (1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 2)

Goals: Rua, 3:34. Patrick, 21:25. Haig, 42:07. – Hymen, 8:37 (bol.), 23:55. Dreiseitl, 25:07, 59:48 (p.v). Cassian, 44:33.

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