EGS has started giving away a game about the colonization of a new planet

Epic Games Store users can add Aven Colony to their libraries for free. The distribution of the construction simulator will take place until November 11.

From the description in the store From the description in the store:

“Explore Aven Prime, an alien planet covered in deserts, tundra and jungle, light-years from Earth. In Aven Colony, you have to manage the first human settlement outside the solar system. Transform small colonies into huge and constantly growing cities and solve the problems typical for the settlement of new worlds. Monitor the well-being of citizens, manage resources, rebuild the infrastructure of your colony and lead it to prosperity against the backdrop of the harsh and often dangerous realities of the exotic world of Aven Prime. “

A new airdrop will begin on the Epic Games Store on November 11. Users will receive the Epic Pack for Rogue Company Season 4. It will include two new agents, a skin and 20,000 Battle Pass points.

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