Federer told when he will return to court after surgery

Federer said when he will return to court after surgery0

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer will return to court after knee surgery in a few months.

– This decision was not easy just because last year I already had a couple of operations on knee, and I was very unhappy with how it went at Wimbledon. There I was very dissatisfied with my physical condition, I was very far from ideal shape, although I squeezed everything I could out of myself.

So now I just have to do everything step by step, I must first learn to walk correctly again, run correctly , then do the side steps, all the agility work, and then eventually I will return to the tennis court, but it will take me a few more months and then we'll see how things are going next year, but I have to take my time. I don't want to rush with anything at the moment – I want to be sure that I can do whatever I want later, and not with which not to rush. But I can say with confidence that the worst is over, Federer said.

40-year-old Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam winner, Olympic silver medalist in singles (2012) and Olympic champion in doubles (2008). He is ranked ninth in the ATP rankings. The Swiss won 103 tournaments under the auspices of the organization, which is a record.

Federer decided to skip the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In August, the athlete underwent knee surgery.

The last tournament for Federer was Wimbledon, where he reached the quarterfinals.

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