Medvedev's coach: “I think next year Daniel will not be able to win Roland Garros, but Wimbledon is quite.”

 Medvedev's coach:

Gilles Servara, coach of Russian tennis player Daniel Medvedev, spoke about further work with the athlete.

– Yes, he won the Grand Slam tournament, but we see a lot of opportunities for development. These things represent specific aspects that need to be deployed in order to obtain a potential result in the future. To be number one and win other major tournaments, you have to achieve concrete results in training every day.

At a certain level, when you have proven yourself well in the top 3 or top 5, you no longer think about the points scored or the rating to defend. You think about the titles to be won. Start the season by saying to yourself, “I want to be number one and win as many major tournaments as possible.” You only summarize the results at the end of the season, but do not compare it with the previous one.

I think that next year Medvedev will not be able to win Roland Garros, but Wimbledon – quite, – said Servara. p>

Recall that in the US Open final, Medvedev defeated Serb Novak Djokovic in three games.

Previously, the Russian reached the TBS finals twice – in 2019 at the US Open and this year at the Australian Open.

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