Melbet betting company in India

Melbet India

Bookmaker company Melbet attracts users with a very wide coverage of sports events, a detailed description, especially on top matches, and favorable odds on the major markets.


Evaluation of Melbet betting company

The bookmaker covers all sports and takes bets on second/third divisions, regional and youth competitions, women’s tournaments. Long-term margins are widely represented.

The spread stands out with a wide range of forfeits and totals. For example, on the match of the group round of the soccer tournament in India, the minimum total is 0.5 and the maximum is 6.5. At the same time, there are also Asian values – from 1.75 to 5.75. The pitch is smooth. A similar situation with the classic and Asian handicaps.

Line Melbet
Line in Melbet

The Indian soccer spreadsheet stands out with the most detailed markdowns on goals scored, time slots, different scenarios and combined markets. Many outcomes are also offered for each half. European handicap is available.

There are a lot of variations. So, bettors can predict the next goal, the first goal before the minute (for example, the 15th, 26th or 30th), a penalty kick, in the compensatory time, after a corner kick (within 10 seconds), in the minority. There are exact, three-way and intermediate totals (1-3, 2-4, etc.), including for each team. You can also bet on how many goals a team will score in a row and the race to goal, as well as comparing the performance of halves.

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There are also enough game scenarios: no penalty, the ball will be in the goal, but the goal won’t be scored, both teams get a red card, at least one team will score more than 1.5, 2.5, etc., score during the match, elimination time total, victory with the advantage, etc.

Melbet offers a huge range of combined marquees:

  • Result + total (goals, corners, yellow cards);
  • Team 2 will win and serve more than 7.5 corners;
  • At least one will not score + total;
  • Both will score in both halves/2 halves both will score (yes/yes, yes/no, no/yes and no/no);
  • Win + individual total;
  • Result + first goal;
  • Result + total in the interval (2-3, 2-4, 3-5, etc.);
  • Match result + total of the first half.

Even before the start of the match, users have an opportunity to place bets on time intervals (for example, 15-minute intervals). Besides, bets on the result, double odds, handicaps and total for a certain minute of the match (15th, 30th, 60th and 75th) are accepted. Assume who will lead after the 30th minute.

Bonuses in Melbet
Bonuses in Melbet

Statistical indicators are not worked out in such detail, but the list of cards and corners, is given for most of the matches of high and medium level tournaments (European Cups, TOP-5, RPL, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands and others).

The offer on hockey is not much more modest. There are plenty of options, and quite a few of them are predictable and regularly used by bettors.

In hockey there are the same bets on goals and combined margins as in soccer. For example, a team will score in all periods, the time of the last goal, victory + individual total and first goal + outcome.

Accurate and intermediate totals are available. Players can bet on the total of the most unproductive period, the format of the first goal and the number of pucks scored in a row, as well as various outcomes for a particular minute, say, both will score in the 10th minute.

A lot of scenarios and typical situations: a goal in the minority, an empty net, the winner will be determined in overtime / main time, victory with a dry score, the method of victory.

For each period also detailed draw, because it includes not only the standard options, but also combined (P1 + OZ in the first period, P2 + team 1 to score in the second period, and so on). There is an Asian total.

For top games, Melbet offers betting on penalty time and shots on goal.

Melbet also accepts bets on basic markets according to the results of the first three quarters (not including the last one): winner, total, individual total, even/odd.

The list of popular matches contains statistical indicators: fouls, free throws made, two- and three-point shots made, rebounds (including in defense and offense), assists, losses, blocked shots, steals. There are basketball achievements and express outcomes (Paul George and Reggie Jackson will make 10 or more assists combined).

The tennis offer will satisfy even the most demanding players. In addition to the classic spread offered by most bookmakers, there are double outcomes (winner + total of games and sets), European handicap, three-point total, tie-breaks, match balls, score after a certain number of games.

Every set is thoroughly worked out. Statistics are given even for ATP and WTA 500-level meetings: eights, double faults, breaks, and breakpoints.

Cyber sports include almost all top-level contests, from the top CS:GO and Dota 2 to the lesser-known Hearthstone, KoG and WarCraft III. The number of tournaments is also high: from TOP majors to qualifiers and majors.

The depth of the roster is determined by the demand for the event. As a rule, the offer is limited to the result, handicap and total, but there are additional markers: exact score, first blood, race to kill, the outcome in the rounds / maps, specific in-game events.

Live betting

The in-play line is also wide, and the coverage is varied. In each sport there are many choices, taking into account those that are only possible in the course of the competition (game in tennis, point in volleyball, etc.).

There are no broadcasts. There is a MelZone service, which provides a statistical summary of the match, as well as a graphical accompaniment of the event.

Live Betting Melbet
Melbet in India

Users can enable notifications (all or certain actions, for example, goal, corner, LCD, etc.).

1-click betting and auto-confirmation of changes in quotes (any or on promotion) are supported. Preset amounts are available (5 variants).


Melbet has some of the best odds.

In soccer the margin on top leagues and RPL is 1.5% for the main list. For lower ranked tournaments, such as Portuguese and Belgian championships, the value is in the range of 3-4%. Indicator for additional outcomes and unpopular events – from 5% to 9% (equal odds, can be 1.85-1.85).

In hockey, the margin for the NHL is about 1.5%, and for the KHL and the best European championships – 4-5%. Sometimes, quotes for different matches of the same tour can be different. The value for other tournaments – from 5.5%. Failures are possible in additional elections (margin increases up to 11%), if the difference in odds is significant. For example, on both to score in the NHL playoffs, the odds are 1.082 and 5.45, which corresponds to a margin of 10.77%.

Odds Melbet India
Melbet Odds

In basketball, the margin on the NBA is low, but only on basic odds and totals is 1.5%. On the winner the value is 5.5%. In the Euroleague and the strongest national championships, the rate on the handicap and total is 4.5%, and on the outcome – 3.5%. In matches of other tournaments commission of about 6.5% (for the main draw) is laid. In other markets, the figure rarely exceeds 9%.

In tennis the margin for ATP and WTA matches is 3-4% for the result and 4.5-5.5% for total and handicaps. ITF and Challenger level matches range from 5.5-7.5% (equal probability quotes are usually 1.87-1.87).

The margin on cybersports is usually in two categories regardless of discipline – 6-7% and about 9%. Sometimes it decreases on top competitions.

Mobile applications

Melbet has applications for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad), as well as a mobile website.

The software is easy to use, but sometimes freezes (delays when switching between tabs, sections).

application melbet india
Melbet apk India

Basic options are available, but the functionality is not complete. There is one-click betting, match center and online chat with a consultant. Broadcasts and betting redemption are not supported in the apps.

Customer Service

Mail is answered within a few hours, and when contacting the online chat and hotline – in 2-3 minutes.

Simple requests are processed quickly and with high quality. However, in the case of problems and disputes, it is problematic for clients to get a sensible answer.

Also, the support team is poor at explaining what to do to players when problems arise. There were cases when instead of clear instructions the consultants gave unclear answers or offered to sort out the situation themselves (especially if there was something wrong with the withdrawal – a delay or failure).

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