Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of November 29

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Posted on November 29, 2021 at 10:02 am by La Rédaction

While waiting for the opening of the winter transfer window, the clubs are starting to activate behind the scenes. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window information for the day, updated in real time:

09:30: Barcelona: Xavi has an advantage of size for his first big blow at Barça!

09:15: PSG: The strong announcement of Sergio Ramos on the signing of Messi!

09:00: Barcelona: The flight plan is unveiled for this priority at 80M €!

08:30: ASSE: A new 100M € project unveiled for the takeover of ASSE!

08:15: OM: The huge focus of Sampaoli on the soap opera Kamara!

08:00: OM: What must Boubacar Kamara do for his future?

07:45: PSG: A track for OM to revive the succession of Mbappé?

07:30: OM: Boubacar Kamara shows a preference for his future!

07:15: PSG: Big blow cold for this Leonardo priority!

07:00: ASSE: Puel in great danger for this Premier League nugget?

01:30: Barcelona: Xavi will have to be patient for his first hot file …

01:15: PSG: The clan of this nugget of Pochettino lets go of its truths about his arrival!

01:00: OM: FC Barcelona passes action for Kamara!

00:45: PSG: Leonardo receives a clear message for this target at 0 €!

00:30: Barcelona: Xavi has a card to play with this Ronaldo teammate!

00:15: PSG: PSG nuggets at the heart of the tensions between Pochettino and Leonardo?

00:00: ASSE: Un at Premier League striker targeted by Puel?

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