Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of September 17

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Posted on September 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. by The editorial staff

While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come on the balance sheet for clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window of the day, updated in real time:

17:45: PSG: Raiola's huge announcement on Pogba's future!

17:30: PSG : Lionel Messi's next club is already becoming clearer!

17:10: OM: Longoria had everything planned for this nice shot!

17:00: Barcelona: A big battle behind the scenes for the succession of Koeman?

16:45: PSG: Tuchel sends a message to Leonardo for this big blow at 0 €! by Leo Messi!

16:15: PSG: New big announcement on a Leonardo track!

16:10: OM: A rookie from Longoria ignites for his debut in Marseille!

16:00 : Barcelona: New twist for the arrival of Xavi?

15:45: PSG: Mbappé, Haaland … Barça announces heavy for Real Madrid!

15:30: Barcelona: Joan Laporta is back to the wall with Ronald Koeman!

15:15: PSG: Neymar, Messi … Haaland will take a radical decision!

15:10: OM: A summer recruit is already preparing for his departure!

15:00: Barcelona: Internally, Koeman's future seems to have already been decided!

14:25: Mourinho announces a big overtime at AS Roma!

14:15: PSG: Leonardo has a huge asset to recruit Haaland!

14:00: OM: The huge revelation of Konrad from the Fuente on his transfer!

13:30: Barcelona: Laporta, future… These breathtaking outings of Ronald Koeman!

13:15: PSG: Haaland would have a clear preference for his future! < br>
13:10: OM: A track of Sampaoli decides on its future!

13:00: Barcelona: Laporta has been defeated for the succession of Koeman!

12 : 30: PSG: Paris mobilizes for the extension of Mbappé!

12:15: PSG: A transfer at a discount for Haaland? The answer!

12:10: OM: Christophe Galtier played a dirty trick on Pablo Longoria!

12:00: Real Madrid: Vinicius Junior on the start? The answer!

11:30: PSG: Barça could do nothing for Lionel Messi …

11:15: PSG: Gonzalo Higuain's huge announcement on Messi's future!

11:00: Barcelona: Barça make a big announcement for their recruitment!

10:45: PSG: Ander Herrera shows great certainty for the future Mbappé!

10:30: Real Madrid: Higuain talks about Karim Benzema's transfer!

10:10: OM: Delort's huge update on Longoria's interest!

10:00: Barcelona: Barça's big announcement on Koeman's future!

09:45: PSG: Ander Herrera lets go of his truths about Messi's arrival!

09: 30: Barcelona: Barça sends a huge message to Koeman!

09:15: PSG: Kylian Mbappé has not forgotten Real Madrid!

09:10: OM: A lead Hot Sampaoli returns to his fake transfer!

09:00: Barcelona: It discusses for Ousmane Dembélé!

08:45: PSG: The terrible admission of Barça on the departure of Messi. ..

08:32: Official: Daniel Alves no longer has a club!

08:30: Barcelona: The Messi clan tried a huge maneuver to block his departure!

08:15: PSG: Ander Herrera makes a huge revelation on the Mbappé soap opera!

07:45: OM: OM was not the only avenue in Ligue 1 for David Luiz!

07: 30: Barcelona: Xavi to replace Koeman? The answer!

07:15: OM: Longoria gave it a go with this gem from the Raiola team!

07:00: Barcelona: Laporta was ready to make a terrible decision for keep Messi!

01:45: OM: Longoria has an appointment with a World Champion!

01:15: PSG: Leonardo ideally placed to complete a big blow at 0 €!

01:00: Barcelona: Laporta ready to make a big sacrifice for Koeman's departure!

00:30: Barcelona: A solution found for this undesirable?

00 : 15: PSG: This protégé of Tuchel has already made a decision for his future!

00:00: Barcelona: This revelation about Messi's succession to Barça!

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