Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of September 18

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Posted on September 18, 2021 at 10:03 pm by The editorial staff

While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window information for the day, updated in real time:

21:30: Barcelona: Laporta attempted an operation colossal with Griezmann!

21:15: PSG: Leonardo knows who to be wary of for this new coup à la Donnarumma!

21:00: Barcelona: Depay comes to the aid of Koeman! < br>
8:45 pm: PSG: Huge quack for this Leonardo € 0 dossier!

8:30 pm: PSG: Dortmund's shocking announcement on the future of Halaland!

20 : 15: PSG: Moise Kean sends a nice message to PSG!

20:10: OM: A threat of 0 € is becoming clearer for Pablo Longoria!

20:00: Barcelona: Raiola De Ligt soap opera totally relaunches!

19:30: PSG: Mino Raiola had other plans for Gianluigi Donnarumma!

19:15: PSG: This strong statement on the signing of Donnarumma !

19:10: OM: Sampaoli comes out of silence for Amavi!

19:00: This revelation at 210M € on the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo!

18:45: PSG: A huge blow of Raiola's bluff with Donnarumma?

18:30: PSG, United, Juve … Raiola is preparing very heavy for Pogba!

18:15: PSG: This huge revelation for this Premier League track!

17:45: PSG: Wijnaldum ignites for the arrival of Leo Messi!

16:53: OL: Denayer sends a strong message for his future!

16:45: PSG: This precision of size on the contract of Lionel Messi!

16:30: Barcelona: Joan Laporta rushes on this star of Guardiola!

16:15 : PSG: Mauricio Pochettino makes an announcement for Nuno Mendes!

16:10: OM: Jordan Amavi ready to slam the door? He responds!

16:00: Barcelona: The Raheem Sterling dossier dictated by… Harry Kane?

15:45: PSG: Ander Herrera's big announcement on his future!

15:30: PSG: Mbappé, Neymar … A revolution orchestrated by Lionel Messi!

15:20: OGC Nice confirms for Peter Bosz!

15:15: PSG: Pochettino gives his opinion on the premiere of Messi at the Parc des Princes!

15:10: Raphaël Varane ignites for his reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo!

15:00: Barcelona: Raheem Sterling a made his decision for his future!

14:50: Raiola speaks out on the future of Ibrahimovic!

14:30: OM: Thibaud Vézirian drops a new bomb on the sale of club!

14:10: PSG: Leonardo's huge rant over Messi's salary!

14:00: Barcelona: This summer rookie takes a stand for Koeman's future!

13:45: PSG: Paul Pogba receives a call of the foot … at Manchester United!

13:30: ASSE: Puel, Khazri … The sale of the club will generate a revolution!

13:15: PSG: This new strong exit on the arrival of Messi and Ramos!

13:10: OM: The surprising reaction of Duje Caleta-Car internally…
< br>13:00: Barcelona: Things are already getting complicated for this Guardiola star!

12:45: OM: Jordan Amavi could make a radical decision!

12:30: PSG: PSG has redoubled creativity to recruit Lionel Messi!

12:15: PSG: This new big announcement on the future of Mbappé!

12:00: Barcelona: Laporta hits the goal for this extension!

11:30: PSG: Messi, Neymar, Mbappé… Qatar pays a high price for its magical trio!

11:15: PSG: A colossal battle is preparing for this track at 0 €!

11:00: Barcelona: Griezmann, Dembélé … Laporta attempted a colossal operation this summer!

10:50: Galtier sends a first message to Delort!

10:45: PSG: This new overwhelming finding on Operation Messi!

10:30: Barcelona: This recruit estivale reveals the underside of its arrival!

10:15: PSG: Leonardo has a big opening for this nice shot at 0 €!

10:10: PSG: This huge revelation on the summer recruiting of Leonardo!

10:00: Barcelona: Very good news for Laporta in the Sterling file!

09:45: PSG: This € 1m innovation in Messi's contract!

9:30 am: Real Madrid: Varane justifies his choice to leave Real! Leo Messi's salary!

09:10: PSG: This huge revelation on Neymar's contract!

09:00: Barcelona: This terrible outing on the departure of Lionel Messi!

08:45: PSG: Cristiano Ronaldo at the origin of a thunderclap for Paul Pogba?

08:30: Barcelona: Laporta is busy recruiting a Guardiola star!

08:15: PSG: This revelation at 110M € on the arrival of Lionel Messi!

07: 45: PSG: It smells very good for this new coup à la Donnarumma!

07:30: Barcelona: Laporta about to complete a new hot file?

07:15: PSG : All is not lost for this favorite of Leonardo!

07:00: Barcelona: The arrival of Xavi is no longer any doubt!

01:30: The astonishing exit of Simeone on the return of Griezmann!

01:15: PSG: FC Barcelona want to revive this colossal Leonardo file!

01:00: Barcelona: One less threat for Ronald Koeman !

00:45: PSG: A decisive advantage for Paris with Pogba?

00:30: OM: The threat is growing for this crush on Longoria!
< br> 00:15: PSG: Excellent news for Leonardo with Erling Haaland!

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