Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of September 21

Posted on September 21, 2021 at 2:02 pm by The editorial staff

While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window for the day, updated in real time:

13:45: PSG: Marquinhos would have made a decision radical for its future!

13:30: PSG: Operation Zidane is already complicated for Qatar!

13:15: PSG: Iniesta's huge confidence on the Messi soap opera!

13:00 : Barcelona: A last chance given to Ronald Koeman?

12:45: PSG: The arrival of Zinedine Zidane totally weighed down by … Marseille?

12:30: Barcelona: The Barça decided in the Koeman soap opera, but…

12:15: PSG: Tuchel tried an incredible blow to 100M € in Paris!

12:00: Barcelona: Laporta would have taken a big decision in the Koeman case!

11:45: PSG: The huge fear of Real Madrid after the Mbappé soap opera!

11:30: OM: Jorge Sampaoli has launched his revolution in the locker room!

11:15: PSG: Zidane would show a very strong wish for his future!

11:10: PSG: An unwanted Pochettino sends a strong message about his situation!

11:00: Real Madrid: The tea towel burns between Ancelotti and this star of the locker room!

10:45: PSG: Big chill for an arrival of Zidane!

10:30: Barcelona: A lead is seriously confirmed for the succession of Koeman!

10:15: PSG: A great danger for the future of Pochettino? The answer!

10:00: Barcelona: A former Ligue 1 applies for the post of Ronald Koeman!

09:30: Barcelona: Barça is preparing heavy for the succession of Koeman !

09:15: PSG: Qatar's totally crazy plan to attract Zidane!

09:00: Barcelona: Laporta has decided definitively for Koeman's future!
< br>08:45: PSG: Neymar, rant… This revelation on the arrival of Pochettino!

08:30: Barcelona: This great announcement of Ronald Koeman on his future!

08 : 18: Thierry Henry announces the color for his future as a coach!

08:15: PSG: Qatar prepares the arrival of Zinedine Zidane!

08:10: Contract terminated for Joris Gnagnon in Sevilla?

07:45: PSG: FC Barcelona about to relive a blow to Wijnaldum?

07:30: Barcelona: Direction Barça for De Ligt? The answer!

07:15: PSG: Real Madrid ready to give up for Mbappé? The answer!

07:00: Barcelona: This Koeman executive has decided for his future!

01:30: Barcelona: Laporta has a big opening for De Ligt!
< br> 01:00: PSG: These details on the departure of Thomas Tuchel!

00:30: Barcelona: An approach of Laporta this summer? The attacker's response!

00:00: Barcelona: Huge obstacle for Laporta in this € 150 million case!

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