Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: A new candidate will send a colossal offer!

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Posted December 5, 2021 at 4:15 am by AM

While the sales process is still in progress, Serge Bueno announces his desire to quickly submit an offer.

Until then, the ' ASSE has received two takeover offers, namely those of Jean-Michel Roussier and Olivier Markarian , two projects retoked by KPMG , an audit firm mandated to scrutinize the application files. But the sale of the club is not for all that called into question since several large-scale projects are still in the running and an offer should soon arrive on the shareholders' desk, as assured Serge Bueno , founder of the Smart Good Things company.

Serge Bueno announces a big offer

“I presented him the main lines of my project to take over the club. This project is supported by Smart Good Things and its current investors. There is not a single shareholder, but several, including investment funds. We will also appeal to the general public. Our offer will be greater than the amount of the bank guarantee (note: € 100 million), because the club needs more to get out of the rut and settle permanently in L1. You know, people oppose; I reconcile and that's what I do best. I will muster the people and the funds to buy the ASSE. I am going to mobilize businesses, local decision-makers, because we cannot allow this national monument that ASSE to go abroad. I will of course be the majority shareholder through my company. But I'm not making an ego story. There are a few good professionals within the club. We'll see who we put, ”he says in the columns of Progress.

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