Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Angel Di Maria has everything planned for his departure!

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Posted on December 5, 2021 at 4:00 am by AM

At the end of the contract next June, Angel Di Maria fully intends to play one last season at PSG before returning to Rosario.

As he has been repeating for several weeks, Angel Di Maria intends to stay an additional season at PSG . Under contract until next June, he has an option for an additional season which will probably be activated. “I have six months left and I should sign a contract for another year. The truth is, I want to stay, my family is very happy, my daughters are very happy at school. I said it on the website (of the PSG, Editor's note), I would like to leave here by the front door, and if I leave it is to go in the Argentinian football, I want to finish my contract, assures the Fideo at TNT Sports. A departure in 2023 is therefore planned, and afterwards, the Argentine already knows where he will play after PSG .

Extension then return to Rosario

” Rosario Central is always there, I always have it there … The ideal for me would be to retire to Central, to go there when I feel good, to be at my best to give them everything Central gave me. It's football, sometimes I was here or I've been there, but I'm still here. In my head, I always think of going back, I have my friends, my family, there are these little messages about everything that is missing … You adapt to your life, to your family, ”adds Di Maria.

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