Mercato | Mercato – OM: Eyraud at the origin of a very bad deal?

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Posted December 5, 2021 at 3:45 am by AM

At a press conference, Jorge Sampaoli confirmed that the door was open for the departure of Jordan Amavi. A poorly managed file which Jacques-Henri Eyraud is believed to be behind.

Despite his extension at the end of last season, Jordan Amavi is not in the plans of Jorge Sampaoli which also opened the door to his departure during the next winter transfer window: “It's a special situation for him. He had a lot of injuries last season, we couldn't really improve on him. At the start of the season he suffered from our system, with three central units and a piston, when we tried it it didn't go very well. Jordan or others have the right to seek a way out. The important thing is that the player progresses, if we do not succeed maybe another team can help him. We will see what will happen with him or others during the transfer window ”. The management of this file therefore questions the side of OM , but for Jonathan McHardy , the person in charge is none other than Jacques-Henri Eyraud .

“Everyone was panicking about the number of players at the end of their contract, about the calamitous handling of the previous president”

“Sampaoli gave Amavi a chance. And each time, it hasn't been good. But I don't think Amavi was ever in Sampaoli's plans. Moreover, until the end of the summer transfer window, OM looked for a new starting left-back. Longoria has moved heaven and earth to strengthen this post. In the end, I think Amavi was extended for a reason totally disconnected from football. At the end of last season, everyone was panicking about the number of players at the end of their contract, about the calamitous management of the previous president … The same president who let players go for free when they had a market value. Amavi is a criticizable player. But he is 27 years old, he has a certain side. I think Longoria was smart to extend it anyway, no matter what the coach thinks. All this to prevent OM from losing a new player for zero euros … “, he told RMC Sport's microphone.

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