Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Puel is advised by an improbable recruit!

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Posted on October 22, 2021 at 4:15 am by AM

While ASSE is in great difficulty, Claude Puel is advised to bring Vitorino Hilton out of retirement.

In great economic difficulty, ASSE has not was able to recruit this summer and only attracted Ignacio Ramirez who landed in the form of loan. And this is reflected in the results since the Greens are last in Ligue 1 and have major defensive concerns in particular. This is the reason why Alexandre Sanfilippo , journalist of Peuple-Vert, advises the ASSE to attract Vitorino Hilton who reluctantly retired this summer.

Hilton the perfect runway?

“Khazri, of course . I find that Bouanga is on the move too, like Nordin, even if they don't always do things intelligently. Boudebouz seems essential to me by his technique and his vista. I prefer it a thousand times over to Aouchiche. And there's nothing wrong with Green. Nor in Bajic, for that matter. The poor, they do what they can. But the defense, what a horror! On the sides, with Mason, Trauco, Kolo, even Camara, it can do it. But in the axis, it is not possible. It is unworthy of L1. It's too slow, it lacks intelligence. I recently read an interview with Hilton. He said that he was missing the ground and that he would like to take it back, at 44 years old. We should take it. I am convinced it would stabilize the defense. He wouldn't do worse than our defenders, that's for sure! », He confides in an interview with BUT.

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