Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Romeyer had planned everything to replace Puel!

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Posted on November 30, 2021 at 11:10 am by AM

Although he is still in place on the ASSE bench, Claude Puel has been very hot on three occasions. Roland Romeyer even had his successor.

After a very complicated summer during which ASSE only registered one recruit, namely Ignacio Ramirez who arrived in the last seconds in the form of 'A loan, the start of the season that followed was more than difficult. And for good reason, the Greens had to wait until the 13th day to clinch their first victory of the season, against Clermont (3-2). Therefore, the future of Claude Puel has been a recurring subject in recent weeks. And the Castrese even came very close to taking the door.

Puel came close to dismissal … three times

According to information from BUT Football club, on three occasions, Claude Puel was almost made redundant. After the heavy defeat in Nice on September 25 (0-3), Roland Romeyer asked for the head of Claude Puel , finally saved by the draw snatched in the derby against the ' OL (1-1). However, the ASSE quickly fell back into its pitfalls by undergoing a correction against Strasbourg (1-5). Consequently, Claude Puel once again played his position on the occasion of the reception of Angers . Led 2-0, the Greens snatched a draw (2-2) before finally winning against Clermont after a new comeback (3-2). Despite everything, this victory awaited confirmation against Troyes , a meeting during which the manager of ASSE was still under threat of dismissal. The victory against a direct competitor in maintenance (1-0) finally reinforced Claude Puel who will not be called into question after the defeat against PSG (1-3) . And yet, Roland Romeyer had planned everything since David Guion , free since his departure from Reims, was in the starting blocks to replace Claude Puel .

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