Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Sale, Puel … The future owner already has a hot file to manage!

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Posted October 18, 2021 at 1:10 pm by AM

While the future of Claude Puel is still uncertain, Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer could wait until the club is sold in order to leave this file to the new management.

Despite a rebound against OL (1-1), ASSE did not confirm. Worse still, the Greens sank in Strasbourg bowing very heavily (1-5). Consequently, the future of Claude Puel seems to be inscribed in dotted lines on the Stéphanois bench. However, a new reprieve would have been granted to him since the manager of ASSE should still be on the bench at least until the reception of Angers on Friday.

The future of Puel settled by the future management?

And for good reason, the ASSE could have difficulty bearing the cost of the dismissal of Claude Puel and his staff. This is the reason why, according to the Stéphanois media En Verts et Contre Tous, the current direction of ASSE could wait for the sale of the club to leave this file to the future investor who will decide. the future of Claude Puel , and will bear the financial burden of any dismissal.

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