Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: The first recruit of Puel is already validated!

Posted on December 1, 2021 at 3:45 am by AM

While Joris Gnagnon should be Claude Puel's first winter recruit, Denis Balbir welcomes this choice.

After a sluggish first part of the season, ASSE counts strengthen this winter to compensate for the loss of several important players who will play the CAN during the month of January. With this in mind, Claude Puel, who had made the arrival of a central defender a priority, confirmed that Joris Gnagnon could land soon. “Joris Gnagnon is an available player with great potential, who wants to revive. The goal is to be of mutual service and will review the situation at the end of the season. He had a severe Covid a month ago, and he is resuming on an individual basis, ”he confided at a press conference. An arrival validated by the journalist Denis Balbir .

Gnagnon is validated

“A word about the first winter recruit of ASSE: Joris Gnagnon. Already I tell myself that he will not be able to do worse than the players who have joined the Greens lately. Although it’s not their fault, we have to admit that Anthony Modeste last winter or Ignacio Ramirez this summer didn’t bring much to the club … I hope Gnagnon will be a good pick. Defensively, Saint-Etienne needed someone. We tend to forget him, but Joris Gnagnon is still relatively young despite his already long experience. As he does not qualify until January, he will have time to train, to integrate with the club, to take the dimension of his six-month mission. Is this a good pickaxe? You can never know it in advance, but he has experience, talent and knows Ligue 1. I hope he can put all this at the service of ASSE ”, he wrote for BUT Football Club .

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