Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: This huge bomb dropped on the departure of Wesley Fofana!

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Posted on October 20, 2021 at 10:10 am by Th.B.

Working at the general management of ASSE at the time of Wesley Fofana's departure, Xavier Thuilot revealed that without the transfer, the Saint-Etienne side would no longer exist.

At the very end of the 2020 summer transfer window, Wesley Fofana won his showdown with Claude Puel and his former leaders at the < strong> ASSE by winning his case and signing a contract at Leicester City, an opportunity that the international hopefuls could not miss, as the French defender has confided on several occasions. A departure that made a lot of talk because of the reluctance of Claude Puel to let him go and the repercussions of his inclinations to leave among the supporters of the Greens. Former director general of ASSE , dismissed from his post in January 2021, Xavier Thuilot released a huge confession on the sale of < strong> Fofana , which amounted to more than 40M €, without which the Saint-Etienne club would have sunk.

“Without selling Fofana, the club would have disappeared”

“Afterwards, the situation is structural. You are burning a lot of money in payroll and revenues are still low. You can have a good accounting result and stick your tongue out in cash. Like many clubs, ASSE is in this situation and will seek to sell players in order to survive. You know, I was there when Wesley Fofana left and it wasn't planned! But five days before the end of the transfer window, we learn through our networks that the Mediapro deadline of October is not paid. So there, it is no longer a question of emotion, of sport … is it how we pay the employees of the club until June 30, whatever their profession? “. initially assured Xavier Thuilot , former general manager of ASSE , for Poteaux-Carrés, before dropping a bomb on the Fofana folder. “Without this sale, what was going on? Without selling Fofana, the club would have disappeared. It was impossible otherwise ”.

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