Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: This terrible announcement for the next transfers of the Greens …

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Posted October 21, 2021 at 4:00 am by AM

Former director general of ASSE, Xavier Thuilot spoke on the finances of the Forez club and predicted other very delicate mercatos.

This summer, ASSE found itself in great difficulty in the transfer market since only Ignacio Ramirez landed in the last hours of the transfer window. And according to Xavier Thuilot , former director general of ASSE between October 2019 and last January, believes that the situation is not about to end.

“ASSE will seek to sell players in order to survive”

“I don't know. It goes really fast you know, and I haven't been through the last six months of last season. I had the impression seen from afar that they had mastered the balance between finances and the athlete. The exercise on June 30 seems to have been counted under control, there were no sanctions from the DNCG. Afterwards, the situation is structural. You are burning a lot of money in payroll and revenues are still low. You can have a good accounting result and stick your tongue out in cash. Like many clubs, ASSE is in this situation and will seek to sell players in order to survive, ”he told Poteaux-Carrés.

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