Mercato | Mercato – ASSE: Two new huge projects for the sale of the club?

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Posted on November 30, 2021 at 1:10 pm by AM

While a colossal project seems to be taking shape for the takeover of ASSE with Russian billionaire Sergei Lomakin, two other wealthy candidates are said to be in the running.

The ASSE has been around for several months, but things have been picking up speed for a few days. Indeed, just a week ago, KPMG , the audit firm in charge of reviewing the offers, recommended not to follow up on Olivier Markarian's plans and Jean-Michel Roussier whose financial guarantees did not meet the criteria. Despite everything, the sale is not yet abandoned, far from it even since L'Equipe revealed that Roman Dubov , president of the company Total Sports Investments LLP , supported by Russian billionaire Sergei Lomakin , was at the head of an ambitious project for ASSE .

Two other wealthy candidates, in addition to Lomakin

Something to put a smile on the face of Bernard Caïazzo who has never hidden his intention to sell his shares to a billionaire in order to allow ASSE to get off to a good start and enter a new dimension. And this is good because according to information from Progress, in addition to the Russian project, two other foreign and wealthy candidates have entered the negotiations to buy ASSE . For the moment, few details have filtered as to the identity of his two candidates, except that one of the two has already invested in a football club.

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