Mercato | Mercato – OL: Lopes was waiting for Onana with a firm footing!

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Posted November 6, 2021 at 3:41 pm by The editorial staff

While OL wanted to recruit André Onana this summer, Anthony Lopes announces that he understands this choice and he was ready to compete with a new goalkeeper .

Arriving on the OL bench this summer, Peter Bosz quickly called for the arrival of a new goalkeeper. The name of André Onana thus circulated to compete with Anthony Lopes who had just gone through a delicate period. And the Portuguese understands this choice. “I had to give a big boost. We were talking about another guardian, and I could only blame myself, because I had not done what was necessary, at least during the last few months ”, he confides in the columns of Progress before announcing that he was ready to be in competition with André Onana : “I am in a very big club, I have a big character, a strong personality, and when I have to pass in “warrior” mode, I do. I have to be in every training, in every game, and it's also my game that wants that. »Finally, no goalkeeper arrived and Anthony Lopes proves that he still has the level to be a starter.

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