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Posted on 21 October 2021 at 8:00 p.m. by Th.B.

Having landed at OM this summer, Amine Harit only realized after his arrival what it was like to play in Marseille. The opportunity for him to catch fire on his arrival.

At the beginning of September, after the end of the summer transfer window, due to the need to endorse the financial package set up by Pablo Longoria and the leaders from the Marseille club to complete the loan of Amine Harit from Schalke 04, the 'OM announced the arrival of the Moroccan attacking midfielder. Since then, Harit has managed to deliver an assist to Bamba Dieng against AS Monaco in early September (2-0) for his first and to score a goal against Rennes (2-0) during his first steps at the Orange Vélodrome. During a video interview for as part of the program La Football Story, Amine Harit returned to his arrival at OM and on what to wear the tunic of the Marseille club represents according to him.

“A lot of pride in wearing the colors of Marseille

” I signed for OM in 2021. A lot of pride in wearing the colors of Marseille. I think you have to be in Marseille, playing for OM, to realize what that means. Because when you see it on the outside, you know it's a great French club, but when you see it from the inside, it's strong. It's a daily pleasure, it's fervor, it's pressure and I like it. This is OM and this is what characterizes OM. In France, for me, it's the biggest club that has the strongest identity, the strongest fervor. Whatever happens, wherever we play in France, you feel like you're playing at home. You still have Marseille supporters, and more than the home team, it's special in Marseille, you really have to be at the club to realize that “. therefore revealed Harit for

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