Mercato | Mercato – OM: Saudi Arabia, Bin Talal … This new bombshell on the sale of OM!

Posted on November 19, 2021 at 12:10 am by AM

Despite the many rumors surrounding the sale of OM, Saudi Arabia would not be in the game for the acquisition of the Marseille club.

For many months, rumors have been chaining about the sale of OM to Saudi Arabia. First, Thibaud Vézirian revealed that Al-Walid bin Talal was close to buying the Marseille club. A rumor firmly denied by Frank McCourt and which has found little echo. However, with the takeover of Newcastle by the Public Investment Fund, the hypothesis that OM will be one of the satellite clubs soon to be taken over by the PIF, like the City Group, has circulated . However, Romain Molina casts a chill on this issue.

“The Saudis have never been there”

Indeed, in Space on Twitter, the independent journalist, generally very well informed on the mysteries of football, assures that he There has never been anything between OM and Saudi Arabia. “The Saudis at OM? No, they have never been there. And even less Walid Bin Talal. Let him already pay what he owes the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It makes me laugh people who talk about him. And I have no idea what's going to happen at OM, “he said. Enough to shower the hopes of OM supporters.

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