Mercato | Mercato – OM: Saudi Arabia, Newcastle… An incredible project in preparation for the sale of OM!

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Posted on October 28, 2021 at 9.45 am by BC

Since the takeover of Newcastle by Saudi Arabia, the sale of OM has been talking again. According to the British press, the Marseille club would appear to be a prime target in the eyes of the PIF with a view to an XXL project.

After a year of rumors of all kinds, the takeover of the ' OM is still waiting for the fans. However, the sale of the Marseille club was announced with insistence by some people, like the journalist Thibaud Vézirian , assuring that Saudi Arabia was close to taking control of OM . Since then, denials have multiplied in this case, and Frank McCourt has remained at the head of the Marseille club. However, this does not mean that Saudi Arabia is losing interest in Olympique de Marseille , despite the recent takeover of Newcastle .

Saudi Arabia still in the game for OM?

In recent weeks, it has indeed been announced that the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Fund will always seek to invest in the world of football, taking inspiration from Manchester City and its City Football Group project, with a total of ten clubs. According to TeamTalk, Saudi Arabia would indeed be thinking of implementing this type of model and thus eyeing the Olympique de Marseille , appearing as a “target of choice” in the eyes of the PIF according to the British media.

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