Mercato | Mercato – OM: Things are going all over the place for Alvaro Gonzalez!

Posted on January 10, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. by GdSS

While not necessarily in Jorge Sampaoli's plans this season at OM, Alvaro Gonzalez is announced on the start. And although several teams are interested in the profile of the Spanish defender, his departure from OM is still far from being confirmed …

It all started on January 7 when Pascal Dupraz , the coach of ASSE, indicated on the airwaves of France Bleu Saint-Etienne that the profile of Alvaro Gonzalez was being studied as part of a loan for this winter: “This is a track mentioned by the recruitment unit. If OM are willing to take charge of their salaries and the player is willing to come to us, we welcome them! Dupraz said of Spain’s center-back OM . Since then, speculation has continued about Alvaro , and there is still talk of a departure before the end of the transfer window for the former player. Villarreal .

ASSE, Bordeaux, Valence… Things are moving for Alvaro

Indeed, Provence has indicated in its columns of the day that FC Valence was interested in the profile of Alvaro Gonzalez and therefore gets involved in the fight with the ASSE in this hot file of the transfer window . Except that Jorge Sampaoli , who does not want to see an element leave without being replaced, would not necessarily be in favor of the idea of ​​a loan from the defender of the O M c and winter. In addition, for its part, Foot Mercato announces that the Girondins de Bordeaux are also pinching for Alvaro Gonzalez and are in turn considering a loan from the Spanish defender, especially as his agent would push to send him to Gironde before the close of the transfer window . It is therefore more active than ever at OM in this file…

Alvaro does not let go in the locker room

And despite his delicate sporting situation this season at OM with XXL competition at his post and low playing time, Alvaro Gonzale z showed his determination to win on December 8 at the conference press release: “When you're not playing, it's no fun for anyone. I continued to work and spoke with the coach. I took the opportunity that was offered to me to replay. When you prepare to play, it's always easier (…) With Duje, William, Luan, we have a very good relationship. They are my teammates. Everyone wants to play. We have twenty very good quality players in the squad so it's difficult, ”confided the Spanish defender. It remains to be seen if an agreement will be found for his departure in the coming days…

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