Mercato | Mercato – PSG: A Ligue 1 player ignites for Lionel Messi!

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Posted December 4, 2021 at 8:45 pm by BC

While Lionel Messi arrived this summer at PSG, Facundo Medina does not hide all the good he thinks of the seven-fold Ballon d'Or before the opposition between the capital club and RC Lens this Saturday evening.

Despite very long discussions for a contract extension, Lionel Messi failed to reach an agreement with FC Barcelona last summer, forcing him to change clubs. The Argentinian therefore made the decision to join PSG , determined to get his hands on him since the Qataris arrived in the capital. A huge operation completed in the space of a few days, some of which are still struggling to recover today. While Lionel Messi will discover Stade Bollaert this Saturday evening for the match between RC Lens and PSG , Facundo Medina did not hide all the good he thought of his Argentinian compatriot.

“Messi is the best in the world”

“His humility, his simplicity. Everyone knows who Messi is, what he generates. But to hang out with him more closely, to share a locker room with him, to observe him, that surprises you even more. He doesn't make you feel who he is. He's just one more player. He is humble, very respectful. His way of working, his sense of sacrifice, that's what impresses me. Still so strong? (He bursts out laughing) But what a question! He just won the Ballon d'Or. The seventh ! It’s the best in the world. We all know it. Everything is fine. It's Messi! », Confides the defender of RC Lens in an interview with the Parisian.

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