Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Leonardo behind a thunderclap for Pochettino?

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Posted on November 24, 2021 at 11:45 am by BC

Announced on the start, Mauricio Pochettino spoke on Tuesday, explaining that he felt happy at PSG. However, the reality would be somewhat different.

Almost a year after his arrival, Mauricio Pochettino could already leave PSG . As revealed to you on, the departure of the Argentinean is no longer a taboo subject in the capital, while the principal concerned is also considering slamming the door. Present at a press conference this Tuesday, Mauricio Pochettino nevertheless wanted to make things clear on his future, without ruling out a possible future arrival at Manchester United . “Throughout my career as a player or as a coach, there has always been this kind of situation. I am happy at PSG, even very happy. I think these are rumors and I won't dwell on that, “he told Canal + at the microphone. However, the British press persists in indicating that Mauricio Pochettino is tired of the atmosphere within PSG , in particular because of Leonardo .

Uneasiness between Pochettino and Leonardo

According to information leaked by The Telegraph, the atmosphere is indeed heavy at PSG . Despite the Argentinian's statements on Tuesday, tensions have developed over time between Mauricio Pochettino and Leonardo , sporting director of < strong> PSG . This partly justifies the Parisian coach's desire to leave.

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