A new trailer for The Invincible has been released – games from the authors of The Witcher 3 based on the novel by Stanislav Lem

Studio Starward Industries, made up of former CD Projekt RED and Techland employees, has unveiled a new trailer for The Invincible. The video was published on YouTube as part of the award ceremony for The Golden Joystick Awards 2021.

The Invincible is based on Stanislav Lem's novel Invincible. According to the developers, the game will be similar to Prey and BioShock not only in visual style, but also in spirit – the authors are betting on immersion in the atmosphere and world of the title. In this case, the main storyline of the action can be completed in a few hours, and additional tasks will take another two hours. However, the game's narrative will be non-linear with multiple endings. This is how the developers want to encourage users to replay.

The Invincible takes place in an alternative world of retrofuturism, in which the “digital revolution” never came. The visual style of the game is inspired by the ideas of science fiction writers of the 1940-1960s. The main character of The Invincible will be a scientist named Yasna, who explores the mysterious planet Regis III and finds herself drawn into a political confrontation between the two factions of humanity.

Initially, the release of The Invincible was scheduled for the second half of 2021, but the authors postponed it to 2022. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X.


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