Halo Infinite kicks off its first Japanese folklore event

Halo Infinite developers have launched the first online event. It is called Fracture: Tenrai and is dedicated to Japan and its folklore. The event will run until November 30.

In Fracture: Tenrai, players can get new fighter skins, cosmetic items and play in a unique mode. During the event, there will be a mini battle pass – it is free for all users and includes 30 levels. Unique skins for the Spartans will include armor inspired by samurai and ninja. The developers explained the presence of unique “Japanese” looks by the existence of alternative universes, which is where the concept of Fracture came from. In the future, skins from other worlds will be added to the game.

Fiesta became an additional mode: in it, players appear on arena maps with random weapons and fight with each other. Most of the activities of the Battle Pass are performed in a mode that is unique to the event. The developers also announced that Fracture: Tenrai will return six times between November 2021 and May 2022 and will be available for a limited time.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on December 8th. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and Series S / X. On November 15, the developers opened access to the beta version of the multiplayer game – it is available for free on PC and Xbox consoles.


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