Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Real Madrid, Pérez … These huge revelations on the arrival of Sergio Ramos!

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. by AM

Arrived free this summer at PSG, Sergio Ramos has still not played a minute in his new colors. But the physical condition of the Spanish defender is not the reason for the break with Real Madrid.

This summer, PSG decided to jump on the many opportunities that have presented themselves in the market with free players. This is particularly the case of Sergio Ramos. The Legend of Real Madrid indeed saw his contract end last June and despite long negotiations, no agreement was found for an extension. PSG therefore decided to offer Sergio Ramos what the Merengue club refused, namely a two-year contract. However, more than three months after his arrival, Sergio Ramos still has not played a minute under its new colors. A worrying situation regarding the physical condition of the 35-year-old defender, so much so that some rumors have raised the possibility that Real Madrid are aware that the injury of Sergio Ramos was more serious than expected. But the Spanish journalist Mario Cortegana , makes things clear.

“Real Madrid did not know the extent of the problem”

Real Madrid follower for Goal, Mario Cortegana gave an interview to Eurosport in which he assures us that “Real Madrid did not know the extent of the problem” with Sergio Ramos . According to him, the break with Real Madrid ended up happening quite naturally. “But even if Sergio Ramos has always talked a lot, as many internal reports at Real prove, when a player reaches his age, one of the most observed parameters before an extra time is the physical factor. When a player turns 33, 34 or 35 and has just lived a season full of repetitive injuries where he does not leave the weight room, that has a big influence. But I do not believe that within Real Madrid we could have guessed that Ramos could not start with PSG. Moreover, when the decision is made not to continue with him at Real, it is not because of that. It's a more complex process that comes gradually, it's not a story of injury “, he adds.

” Everything was already very sensitive and it was hanging by a thread “

Mario Cortegana also explains that the departure of Sergio Ramos is actually part of a fairly logical sequence of events: “The relationship between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez has known a lot of ups and downs and, at the club, we were a bit tired of soap operas: the interest of Manchester United after the Decima, the desire to go to China for free in 2019 while he was still at the top … These are the stories that degraded the relationship and when negotiations began for Sergio Ramos' last contract at Real Madrid, everything was already very sensitive and it was hanging by a thread. The differences that were made at this level, with a Real tired of Sergio Ramos and his brother agent and then these questions of salary and duration of contract. Real did not want to offer him the salary requested, nor the duration requested. There is a nuance that the Ramos clan tried to use, in a somewhat incredible way, by saying that it was not a question of money, just of duration. But it is not the same thing to give this money, over two years of contract than over one, even with a little lowering of the salary. “Finally, PSG quickly came to an agreement with Sergio Ramos whose debut in Paris now seems quite close.

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